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Perfect for beginners. Make this hand sewn quilt with it's simple and striking style. Learn finger press applique and quilting as you go methods for a hand made heirloom quilt.  The example in the photo is a smaller sample of the pattern. 

Flora Bella Finger Press Applique

  • Graphite pencil for tracing templates and chalk marking pencil or soluble fabric marker.

    Ruler for spacing applique

    Pins or basting thread– bargain buy will be discarded after quilting

    Embroidery needles and hand sewing needles.

    Embroidery floss for quilting and embellishments  blending and contrasting colours at least 6-8 bundles

    Wadding 90” wide , buy 1.75


    Background blocks

    Flower blocks 1.5 mtrs

    Leaves block 2 mtrs    Total 3.5 meters

    Backing 3.5 meters

    Applique pieces

     Choose 3 or 4 coordinating colours try to avoid strong directional or large geometrical prints. A mixture of light medium and dark small print , maybe choose a busy print to draw the eye then plain prints to match or coordinate.

    Flowers 1 mtr, Large leaves 1.5 mtrs, Small leaves .5 mtrs Centres .25 or fat quarter for each leaves and flowers

    Binding .5 meters


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