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Hello  and welcome to Country Clover Company
Where to Start? 
I am originally from upstate New York deep in quilting country!
I was born in a tiny little town at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains, surounded by dairy farms, scenic drives, gorgeous lakes, with old weather-rounded mountains that frame the landscape. Not far from where this photo was taken.

lake george_edited.jpg
Lake George from my favorite golf course with the Adirondacks in the background.
​ I, like many, was gifted a sewing machine for my birthady at the age of about 16. I made little fussy things and a floral summer dress that I loved. I copied the dress in a woven fabric and wore this in the winter with roll neck tops and really loved that I could wear something that I made.
My love of quilting started with my very first quilt that I gifted to my favorite teacher in high school. He and his wife were having their first baby and I thought I could make a little something for them on my machine. So I found some lovely white soft cotton fabric, and some simple trim for an accent and made a  pretty little cot quilt  decorated with french knots and  silky trim.  He cried when he opened it and my heart swelled! And so it continued... mostly little baby quilts for friends that were expecting or after the little one's arrival. I then began simple patchwork patterns from magazines and quilt shops or took out the grid papers and made my own patterns, practicing my geometry and long division! Over the years I have picked up skills  and became a self taught quilter and later began to dabble in applique by hand, and found that this is really my passion together with design.
I love how the freedom of the piecing allows you to  be gentle
with yourself about the precision. there are no harsh rules or high
standar of perfection as there are in patterned patchwork.

So what is a  girl from New York doing in Banbury?  ....  met this handsome
fella when we were still bright young thangs and he told me he lived in the
town famous for it's nursery rhyme 
which I had never heard so he recited it to me.
banbury cross_edited.jpg
Ride a Cock-Hourse
To Banbury Cross
To see a Fine Lady
Upon a White Horse
With Rings on her Fingers
and Bells on her Toes
She will have Music
Wherever she Goes
fine lady.png
We were pen-pals for 9 years, then one Christmas he asked me to marry him...   so... I moved to England and we did just that.
jen quilting in the garden.jpg
I was soon making home furnishings with my little Toyota sewing machine that my hubby gifted me on our first Christmas. The quilting styles changed and 'quit as you go' became more and more popular for machines. I began picking up these skills as well and over the years made quilts for everyone in my family and friends. I soon started designing quilting patterns. I gave up work and we fostered for over 10 years . I started a social sewing group in a little church hall in Bodicote making charity bags for the Horton Hospital patients in the Brodey Centre and we had a few McMillan coffee mornings.  I really enjoyed being part of the local community.
Then in 2017 a dear friend that I met through sewing encouraged me to start teaching and Country Clover Company was born.
Jenny caution poster cropped.jpg
......and the business grew busier.
jen and kev.jpg
Until the world stopped one day.
There were no more groups
There were no more lessons

There were no more mornings or afternoons visiting with my lovely
sewing ladies so our little family had more time to spend together.
I took my sewing machine into the garden, hubby collected silly hats and enjoyed his man-cave binge watching box sets and we sunbathed in that glorious three months of sunshine.
We came out the other side a bit bruised but not beaten! And I found the need to diversify.
the fat quarter Logo.jpg
A friend  virtually introduced me to Janine from The Fat Quarter fabric shop. She opened her new shop and we were keen to cross polinate, to like, share and  promote each others businesses. She soon opened for workshops and I started teaching again and also trained to service and repair sewing machines.
machine innerds.jpg
A busy bee is a happy bee and that I certainly am!
So you will find this busy bee at The Fat Quarter on a Thursday morning with my lovely 'Pieceful Hours' group of very talented ladies putting the world to rights while working on our favorite projects over a cuppa. And, if you have a poorly  sewing machine or one that just needs a bit of love, drop it in to The Fat Quarter. Leave it with the shop ladies and and I'll look after it for you! I hope to see you soon and  dont forget to take a peek at the gallery of the lovely ladies from my classes!   Happy Sewing! 
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