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Enjoy this  collection of symmetrical quilt blocks and learn finger press applique methods of hand quilting. Join blocks with sashing for whole top quilting. Pattern includes written instructions, diagrams and templates for finger press applique, whole top quilting with mitered corner binding and embroidery diagrams for embellishment.

 This pattern adds a lovely selection of shapes to your template stash. Rearrange the combinations of shapes useful for all sorts of other  quilting projects. Take a peek on the gallery page for the ladies choices of different colours for this project.

Symmetry Sampler Hand Applique Quilt PDF Pattern

  • Materials required

    Scissors, for fabric and for paper

    Pencils , Ruler

    Pins straight and safety pins

    Needles  embroidery and hand sewing

    Sews-all  cotton thread  blending for applique and jining 600 meters total

    Bargain Buy  Thread for Basting, -throw away bright colour so you can see it against your work. 200 meters

    Wadding   90 inch wide  Buy  1.75  meters


    For background  blocks  small print or plain , neutral colours   Buy  2.25 meters

    For Strips and sashes choose a coordinating colour small print or plain Buy  1.3 meter

    For applique pieces choose 3 or four coordinating colours try to avoid strong directional  or large geometrical prints. A mixture of light medium dark, smaller prints  and plain  prints. Maybe chose one busy print to draw the focus, then plain prints to match or coordinate         Buy 1/2 meter of each


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