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Malvern House garden view.jpg

        Malvern Spring 2023

Malvern May 2023  getting started.jpg
Malvern 2023  midweek busy bees.jpg
Malvern 2023 Carol's panel.jpg
Malvern May 2023 Cathy's Panel.jpg
Malvern 2023 Carol Finished project.jpg
Malvern May 2023 Midweek Applique Totes.jpg
Malvern 2023 Sally Finished project.jpg
Malvern May 2023 Denise's Tote.jpg
Malvern May 2023 Juliet's Tote.jpg
Malvern May 2023 weekend ladies getting started.jpg
Malvern may 2023 weekend wave.jpg
Malvern may 2023 Lynn n Kerry.jpg

Such a lovely week spent  with these amazingly talented ladies.

malvern may 2023 baileys.jpg

'Cin Cin'

     Thank you      for making our first retreat  an absolute pleasure!
          x  J

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