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Sewing Kit Bag Appeal

Together with The Fat Quarter shop in Banbury, we appeal for unwanted usable sewing machines to refurbish for TWAM to then send them abroad to support people and communities. 

The funds from our Facebook Fundraiser appeal will be going towards covering the cost of the contents of sewing kits that will accompany the machines we send.  

Tailors use a sewing kit every single day to help them make new clothes and do repairs. The kits contain tailoring items like scissors, pins, needles, cotton, and more. They are an essential part of the job, helping them to keep customers happy and put food on the table.
Although a sewing kit seems to be full of simple, affordable items, it is a huge investment for some
one living in a subsistence economy. Even a sewing kit costs too much money for a person in this situation, which is why we supply this equipment to help them get started.

I have published a simple sewing kit bag pattern below free to download.  We estimate that we'll send around 4,500 sewing machines this year, so we'll need a lot of kits to go with them! So if you can't afford to donate any pennies, but can donate your time,   click the link below to download the free pattern and make a bag to hold the essential tools for these sewing kits. 

Thank you for your Support. 


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